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12V Cordless Tire Inflator – Portable Automatic Air Pump

There’s a new way to inflate tires, sporting equipment, and more! it’s the 12V Cordless Tire Inflator – Portable Automatic Air Pump! The portable air pump is an amazing new cordless handheld air compressor that pulls in the outside air and then compresses it into the tire. It’s fast easy to use and extremely convenient. You no longer need to drive to the gas station for air, you no longer need to pull out the large bulky air compressor. Nor do you need to buy those messy expensive cans of air. This great new handheld tire inflator is the most convenient time-saving way to fill up your tires not only that, the device digitally reads the pressure and can be set to stop automatically when it gets to the correct tire pressure.

12V Cordless Tire Inflator - Portable Automatic Air Pump

The 12V Cordless Tire Inflator – Portable Automatic Air Pump can help you out of a bad situation traditional hand pumps are difficult to use and clumsy. Using this device is easier faster and far more efficient. The automatic air pump comes with two different air nozzles for a wide variety of uses. Everyone knows how frustrating it is when you have to deal with a flat ball but with the portable electric air pump, flat balls are no longer a problem. In the past blowing up inflatable such as pool toys and camping air mattresses was a hassle. But use the handheld tire inflator, that job just became much easier. It’s simply no cheap disposable gadget, this rechargeable air pump is a solid durable tool that you can use anytime, anywhere!

12V Cordless Tire Inflator - Portable Automatic Air Pump

Features and Benefits:

  • Built-in LED Light
  • Cordless & Large Capacity Battery – Features a 2200mAh large capacity and rechargeable lithium battery, so no more annoying power cord. It also can be powered by both the Li-ion rechargeable battery and the 12V charger.
  • Fast Inflating – Inflate a flat tires in 5 minutes or less. Its powerful 120W automobile tire pump delivers inflating air at impressive rate of 35 L/min, much more powerful and fast than traditional pump!
  • Auto Shutoff – Simply set your desired pressure with tire inflator then switch it on, tire inflator will automatically shut off when the proper tire pressure is reached. Super easy to use!
  • Excellent Performance & Great Durability – The tire pump is suitable for all tires of your small/medium-sized cars (SUV included), bikes, and motorcycles. Also equipped with additional nozzle adaptors for mattresses/ airboat / toys /sports balls / inflatables
  • Larger Digital LCD Display
  • Battery power indicator
  • 4 kinds of pressure values: BAR, KPA.PSI.  kg/cm
  • Backlit screen is easy to read and clear in the dark
  • Use for many situations:
          1. Sports equipment
          2. Bike/motorcycle tires
          3. Car/SUV/RV tires
          4. Inflatable toys

12V Cordless Tire Inflator - Portable Automatic Air Pump

How to Use:

  1. Insert the air nozzle into the air valve of tire.
  2. Press the “M” button to switch the pressure units: BAR, KPA.PSI. kg/cm.
  3. Set your desired pressure value by pressing “+” or “-“. Once pre-set pressure is set, wait a few seconds for display to change back to zero.
  4. Unlock safety switch and press the trigger.
  5. Your compressor will now inflate your tire to the pre-set pressure, and will shut off automatically.
  6. Turn off the air compressor by pressing the trigger once.
  7. Remove the air nozzle from the tire.

12V Cordless Tire Inflator - Portable Automatic Air Pump


  • There are battery pack and 12V DC power pack to choose from, please full charge the battery pack in advance.
  • How many car tires you can inflate once it’s full charged?
    1. Within 2200mAh large battery capacity, the air compressor can inflate 4 car tires when it is fully charged.
    2. For the Motorcycle, the compressor can inflate 10 tires in one charge.
    3. It also comes with 12V DC pack in case of your battery pack is dead.

Package Includes

  • 1 x Inflator
  • 2 x Nozzle Adapters
  • 1 x Charger
  • 1 x 12V power pack
  • 1 x 2200mAh battery pack
  • 1 x Air hose
  • 1 x User Manual


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