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This Ozone Disinfector is Very Helpful and Perfect for Ozone Disinfection and Air Purifying. Our Ozone Disinfector is designed for Anti-Bacterial Sterilization and Eliminating Odor, Removing Indoor Odor, Toilet Deodorant, Smoke and Dust Air Purification

Benefits of Ozone

Ozone is a molecule that is very effective at reacting with and eliminating strong odors and airborne chemicals. Ozone naturally has a very fresh scent to it, similar to that of a “crisp” smelling air freshener. The combination of a fresh smell and the ability to remove unpleasant odors effectively makes Ozone very appealing to many consumers as an air-purifying chemical/device.

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Functions of this Aerofresh ™:

  • Get rid of the smoke, dust, odor removal, you can generate a lot of negative oxygen ions optimized air, clean indoor air
  • Using the principle of nature lightning discharges to the air as raw material, high-frequency high voltage discharge to produce reactive oxygen species, increase the amount of oxygen inhalation body while discharging the excess carbon dioxide.
  • Improve cardiac function, lung function, reduce fatigue, promote metabolism, relieve dizziness symptoms, keep a clear head
  • Broad-spectrum efficient reduction of ozone into oxygen essential, no secondary pollution, mostly from the general air freshener deodorant, fungicides, and aromatic composition, although no too toxic, but no hazards to the human body
  • all intelligent control system, more in line with modern scientific machines, more efficient, more cost-efficient. Applying the principles of nature lightning discharges to air as raw materials, high-frequency high-voltage discharge preparation ozone.

Features of Aerofresh ™:

  • Ozone working time freely set 10-30 minutes for large and small spaces
  • The cycle time is set to work freely 1-12 hours, for a variety of different environments.
  • Easy to use can be configured to automatically work for a long time.
  • LED time indicator, clear and intuitive.
  • User-friendly design, intelligent control, in line with modern machine science
  • Can be directly hung on the wall to save space
  • Suitable for home and hotel environment. Perfect gift for loved ones
  • Switch automatically cycle, without manual operation,
  • Low power consumption 3.8W.

Specifications of Aerofresh ™:

  • Anion Density: >4000000pcs/m³
  • Voltage (V): 110-240v
  • Air Volume: 51-150m³/h

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