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Beekeeping has been around for a very long time. The history of beekeeping spans thousands of years.  

Ancient beekeepers used tools to gather honey from beehives and used smoke to subdue the bees. The art and science of beekeeping have come a long way, and changes in technology improved the methodology of culturing bees and producing honey.

Tools are important parts of every industry including beekeeping. Beekeeping is a very sensitive process that we know. That’s why tools should be readily available when you have a thriving colony in your backyard.

You need a certain tool when you’re starting up; another tool to create a colony; one to take care of the bees; a tool to examine the colony; a tool to extract the honey. And, you need a tool to maintain and manage everything. It may sound a lot, but beekeeping can be a lot of fun with the right information and the right set of tools.

Our 10 Piece Beekeeping Tools Kit provides you with essential beekeeping equipment at a great price.

The tool kit comes with high-quality products that include a frame grip to safely remove the frames from the hive, an uncapping scratcher fork to remove cells during inspection and extraction, a bee hive tool for scraping wax and prying out frames, a bee hive brush to safely separate the bees from the frames, 5 queen bee cage catcher clips, and Beehive smoker.

This is a practical collection of tools to help you become a successful beekeeper.


  • The hive scraper too is perfect for separating hive boxes, prying out frames, and scraping wax. The beekeeping tool kit can help you with breeding and management of bees.

  • Beekeeping supplies kit is great for Beginners who need easy-to-use tools to start beekeeping.

  • The frame holder is used to clamp the top bar of a frame to remove the frames from the hive. The beekeeping tool is easy to carry, so they can help you a lot with beekeeping.

  • The bee brush is mainly used for cleaning bees on the attachment of comb. Hive tool is the “must have” tool for the beekeeper.

  • The uncapping fork is great for uncapping sunken areas of the beehive. This is a great kit filled with essentials for beekeeping and helps you to catch and mark the queen.


          Color: As shown.

          Material: Metal.

          Beekeeping equipment set helps you with breeding and management of bees and lets you start beekeeping at ease.

          The tools are small sized and easy to carry.

          This beekeeping tool pack is lightweight

This is a great kit filled with essentials for beekeeping and helps you catch and mark the queen. It is a wonderful starter kit for beekeeping.



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