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Product Description :- 

The DSLR Waist Belt Buckle Strap is made of high quality plastic, and is strong enough to hold any DSLR you throw at it.  Don’t be bothered by large straps and never miss a shot again with this!


  • Black Hard Plastic Camera Belt Buckle Button.
  • Weight is distributed evenly, steady and anti-shocking.
  • Be disassembled quickly.
  • Assisting to replace your camera lens.
  • Self-shooting support function.
  • Super great weight capacity up to 20kg.


     ✔ Material: PE
     ✔ Load Capacity: 20kg 
     ✔ High-quality spider holster
     ✔ Easy to carry, quick to shoot partner

How to use:

     Step 1: Mount the camera belt button to your belt.
     Step 2: Install the pin to the camera with the Allen wrench.
     Step 3: Place the camera.

User Guidelines:

  • Be aware of your surroundings at waist-level. your camera will be hanging lower than you are used to.
  • It is your responsibility to make sure your belt is strong enough to safely carry your camera.
  • Make sure the Good Partner button is securely attached to your belt.
  • Fully return your camera to the Good Partner button before letting go of the camera.
  • Make sure the Good Partner button lock us engaged each time you insert your camera.
  • Remove camera before detaching or unbuckling your belt.
  • Before each use, make sure the pin is tightened and that all screw threads are properly aligned.


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