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Electronic Measuring Cup

Now, measure ingredients with precision and accuracy in the kitchen with Electronic Measuring Cup. It is a Measuring Cup with an LCD display on the handle for you to get the exact measurement of water, oil, flour, milk, sugar, juice and more.


Equipped with an in-built thermometer, this digital measuring cup displays the volume as well as the temperature of your ingredients. With different modes, you can change the unit of your measurement between g, ml, cup, oz, lb, etc.

Electronic Measuring Cup requires no direct power supply so you can use it anywhere without hassling through cords. Just 1 coin-sized battery is enough to power it and when the battery is about to drain, you get notified on the LCD screen.

So, cook more efficiently and keep your kitchen more organized and simpler with Electronic Measuring Cup.



  • Detachable: The cup part and the handle part of the Measuring Cup are detachable. Just press the switch on the top of the handle to detach the cup part and clean it under the tap or in a dishwasher. Clean the handle with a damp cloth.
  • Automatic: After 60 seconds of inactivity, Electronic Measuring Cup automatically shuts down, making it energy-efficient. It also saves time as we don’t have to turn off the device manually after every use. It includes a tare/add function, a low battery warning, and an auto-off function.
  • Versatile: Electronic Measuring Cup can be used as a regular cup. There is a printed scale on the side with which you can measure volume. It is refrigerator as well as microwave safe so you can use it to store or heat up your leftovers easily. Measuring Temperature Range: -40ºC to 120ºC
  • Slick Buttons: This unique measuring tool has an easy-to-read LCD screen built into the handle for at-a-glance measurements. There are three buttons on the handle of the Electronic Measuring Cup.
    Power Button: Press to switch ON/OFF the device.
    Tare Button: Press to turn ON/OFF the weighing scale.
    Mode Button: Press to change the unit of your measurements.
  • Premium Quality: Made with a high-grade Polycarbonate cup body and ABS handle, Electronic Measuring Cup ensures sturdiness and durability. It is also shockproof which means it can withstand minor falls and accidental drops without breaking.


Package Includes:

  • 1 x Electronic Measuring Cup


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