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Do you play basketball, football, volleyball or any sport that requires jumping? Looking to increase your hops so you can dunk, catch the ball, spike balls, and increase overall explosiveness. This is the secret tool that athletes have added to their training to produce maximum results.

Boost your speed and agility, Build leg strength, and increase your vertical leap. 

This is not an overnight solution but with continued use and dedication you will increase your athleticism overall. Anything worth having takes the hard work and the right tools makes the job easier and faster.

Most physical sports use our legs. It’s paramount to have peek leg strength, and jumping ability. We may not want to use the weight room because we don’t want to become bulky and/or we would like more athletically functional strength. The resistance in these jump trainers serves that very purpose. You can still mix in weight training in your regiment as well.

Use this to increase speed agility, vertical leaping ability, balance, and to enhance the strength of your legs.  Use this jump trainer to train your legs properly. It will also make your legs healthy and less prone to injury. That equals to more playing time! Our Jump Trainers are the perfect way to do that. Get yours today and see the difference!

Package Include: 1 waist belt + 2 handles + 2 ankle cuffs + 2 resistance band +  carry bag

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